FAQs about working with a ghostwriter

Curious about how ghostwriting works? Here are the answers to frequently asked questions about hiring a ghostwriter to write your book.

Is Ghostwriting Confidential?

Absolutely! All of your writing samples, book ideas, manuscripts etc are confidential. I will be listed as your book’s editor, you get listed as the author. We’ll both sign a non-disclosure agreement and contract that I’ll provide once we decide to work together.

What about Royalties?

Client will purchase and provide the ISBN numbers for publication (I recommend you buy your ISBN from Bowker). This ensures the client retains complete ownership and control over the final book. Client will retain all rights and ownership. 100% of royalties earned will be paid direct to client via the print on demand service companies.

How long will it take for Sarah to write my book?

The time frame depends on the book length and the amount of research I’ll need to do. After we discuss your project, I’ll give you an estimate of how long it will take. 

What’s the investment?

My Book Packages Range from $5,000 to $75,000 (divided into monthly payments). The price I quote you will depend on the desired length of the book, the time frame, the amount of research required and if you currently have any written materials to use. Request a free quote.

What is the Payment Process?

I divide the fee so that you’ll pay monthly over the length of time it takes to write the book. For example, If I estimate it will take six months, then you pay in six even payments over the next 6 months.

How Do You Collect My Information?

After you sign the contract and send the first installment, we’ll set up a call so that I can interview you in order to gather all the information I need to write a detailed outline of your book. You’ll also send me any writing samples you have, even if the only thing you have is a love letter or an email.  This is so I can see your writing style. From there, we’ll regularly be in touch by phone and email as we proceed chapter by chapter. 

What If I Want Changes/Revisions?

First and foremost, this is your book. 3 Revisions per unpublished chapter are included so that you’re 100% satisfied. 

How Can I Verify Your Writing Skills?

I’m the Amazon best-selling author of my own book, and I love helping other business owners grow their business with writing. I learned all the ins and outs of professional writing, editing and publishing when I worked for a ghostwriting company for several years. This experience prepared me to help business owners skyrocket their businesses with their books. I’m happy to references at your request.

Cancellation Policy:

If client stops payment for the agreed upon writing services, service is suspended. Due to the nature of this service, there are no refunds for services already rendered. If at any time client wishes to abandon the book project, Client will receive the work in progress for the previous month.

What payment forms do you accept?

You can pay with a cashiers check, Stripe or Venmo so that you can use your credit card. 

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