As a professional ghostwriter, editor and copywriter, I’ve spent years developing the sought-after, chameleon-like ability to mimic any voice in writing.  As a result, your readers won’t have any doubts that you wrote your book, sales page, blog or newsletter.

I started ghostwriting in college before I knew what a ghost writer was. Many of my classmates in the Psychology program at Rowan University would pay me to write their essays, reports and term papers for them. It was a win-win for everyone…my friends got their “A” grades, and I got to hone my writing skills.

Later I worked behind the scenes for a ghostwriting company. I was a ghostwriter for a publishing  company who wrote books for thought leaders.

In addition to ghost writing hundreds of articles for blogs and email newsletters,  I also write and edit books. Although my ghost writing client list must remain a secret, I have ghost written on a variety of subjects including Marketing, Psychology, Consumer Psychology, Self Development, New Age, Law of Attraction, Pets, Beauty, Fitness and Memoirs. I wrote an article for Vogue Magazine about eating disorders. Because of my background in Psychology, I’ve have ghostwritten extensively in that subject area.  

I’m also the Amazon best selling author of Master Pet Sitting with Rover.

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